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Overview of new features in Apache HTTP Server 2.4

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This document describes some of the major changes between the 2.2 and 2.4 versions of the Apache HTTP Server. For new features since version 2.0, see the 2.2 new features document.


Core Enhancements

Run-time Loadable MPMs
Multiple MPMs can now be built as loadable modules at compile time. The MPM of choice can be configured at run time via LoadModule directive.
Event MPM
The Event MPM is no longer experimental but is now fully supported.
Asynchronous support
Better support for asynchronous read/write for supporting MPMs and platforms.
Per-module and per-directory LogLevel configuration
The LogLevel can now be configured per module and per directory. New levels trace1 to trace8 have been added above the debug log level.
Per-request configuration sections
<If>, <ElseIf>, and <Else> sections can be used to set the configuration based on per-request criteria.
General-purpose expression parser
A new expression parser allows to specify complex conditions using a common syntax in directives like SetEnvIfExpr, RewriteCond, Header, <If>, and others.
KeepAliveTimeout in milliseconds
It is now possible to specify KeepAliveTimeout in milliseconds.
NameVirtualHost directive
No longer needed and is now deprecated.
Override Configuration
The new AllowOverrideList directive allows more fine grained control which directives are allowed in .htaccess files.
Config file variables
It is now possible to Define variables in the configuration, allowing a clearer representation if the same value is used at many places in the configuration.
Reduced memory usage
Despite many new features, 2.4.x tends to use less memory than 2.2.x.

New Modules

FastCGI Protocol backend for mod_proxy
SCGI Protocol backend for mod_proxy
Provides dynamically configured mass reverse proxies for mod_proxy
Replaces the apparent client remote IP address and hostname for the request with the IP address list presented by a proxies or a load balancer via the request headers.
mod_heartmonitor, mod_lbmethod_heartbeat
Allow mod_proxy_balancer to base loadbalancing decisions on the number of active connections on the backend servers.
Formerly a third-party module, this supports fix